SEO Optimization (part 2)

 Offer quality content and services

Interesting sites will increase their recognition on their own

Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any of the other factors discussed here (1). Users know good content when they see it and will likely want to direct other users to it. This could be through blog posts, social media services, email, forums, or other means. Organic or word-of-mouth buzz is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google, and it rarely comes without quality content.

Anticipate differences in users’ understanding of your topic and offer unique, exclusive content.

Think about the words that a user might search for to find a piece of your content. Users who know a lot about the topic might use different keywords in their search queries than someone who is new to the topic. For example, a long-time baseball fan might search for [nlcs], an acronym for the National League Championship Series, while a new fan might use a more general query like [baseball playoffs]. Anticipating these differences in search behavior and accounting for them while writing your content (using a good mix of keyword phrases) could produce positive results. Discover new keyword variations and see the approximate search volume for each keyword.  Consider creating a new, useful service that no other site offers. You could also write an original piece of research, break an exciting news story, or leverage your unique user base. Other sites may lack the resources or expertise to do these things.

Write easy-to-read text

Stay organized around the topic

Create fresh, unique content

Suitable anchor text makes it easy to convey the contents linked

Optimize your use of images

Image-related information can be provided for by using the “alt” attribute Glossary Store files in specialized directories and manage them using common file formats (1) Our image wasn’t displayed to the user for some reason, but at least the alt text was. (2) It is easier to find the paths to images if they are stored in one directory. (root) images about articles news 2006 Images may seem like a straightforward component of your site, but you can optimize your use of them. All images can have a distinct filename and “alt” attribute, both of which you should take advantage of. The “alt” attribute allows you to specify alternative text for the image if it cannot be displayed for some reason (1). Why use this attribute? If a user is viewing your site on a browser that doesn’t support images, or is using alternative technologies, such as a screen reader, the contents of the alt attribute provide information about the picture. Another reason is that if you’re using an image as a link, the alt text for that image will be treated similarly to the anchor text of a text link. However, we don’t recommend using too many images for links in your site’s navigation when text links could serve the same purpose.

Use brief, but descriptive filenames and alt text

Supply alt text when using images as links

Promote your website in the right ways

About increasing backlinks with an intention to increase the value of the site Master making announcements via blogs and being recognized online My blog Website Product page Glossary (2) By having your business registered for Google Places, you can promote your site through Google Maps and Web searches. News: “I have a new card!” User’s blogs Social media service Newsletter, DM, Posters, etc. Online Offline (1) Promoting your site and having quality links could lead to increasing your site’s reputation. While most of the links to your site will be gained gradually, as people discover your content through search or other ways and link to it, Google understands that you’d like to let others know about the hard work you’ve put into your content. Effectively promoting your new content will lead to faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject (1). As with most points covered in this document, taking these recommendations to an extreme could actually harm the reputation of your site

USE social media sites

Reach out to those in your site’s related community

Make use of free webmaster tools

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